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This site is a copy of my old website, www.youmustbejoking.demon.co.uk, retained for historical raisins.


Java isn't enabled or isn't installed. You'll just have to make do with this screenshot.

Playing the game
The aim

... is to line up all the dice such that the left-hand column contains all the '1's, the next column all the '2's etc. You have a limited number of moves in which to do this; unlike the original Spectrum version, there is no time limit.

Starting the game

Click on New game and either enter a code saved from a previous game, or press Return to start from the first level. (If you enter an invalid code, you'll be left where you were.)

Moving the dice

Click on a pin (which looks like a round grey blob); the dice will be rotated one position clockwise if you click Select (left button), or one position anticlockwise if you click Adjust (right button).

More than one board!

Things get interesting when you've completed all 32 levels - you get two layers to align. (And an extra layer for every 32 levels after that.) You can move up a layer by clicking on the U icon or down by clicking on the D icon (clicking Adjust will reverse the direction).

You may need to swap blocks between layers - to do so, hold down Shift when clicking on a pin. Select will swap the four blocks surrounding the pin with those on the level above; Adjust will do the same but with the level below.

Misc info

While this game should run adequately on any Sun-certified JVM (it certainly does so under the Java 1.0.2 implementation for RISC OS), it may or may not run properly on other implementations; however, I would be surprised if it doesn't.