Repton 2
Area A

This site is a copy of my old website,, retained for historical raisins.

Click on a transporter to move to the page showing the area to which that transporter would take you (same area excepted). If it takes you somewhere other than area A, then the label on the transporter will be shown somewhere in the map of that area; this is the transporter's destination.

Recommended route: use transporters B1 to O1 in alphanumerical order. Note that some of these must be used after others, else you will be unable to complete the game.

Area B Area B Area D Area D Area I Area C Area C Area C Area C Area H Area F Area G Area G Area G Area K Area J Area E Area L Area N Area M Area O

Map of area A

Repton 1
Repton 2
Repton 3

Desktop Repton

... on the RISC OS desktop.