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This site is a copy of my old website, www.youmustbejoking.demon.co.uk, retained for historical raisins.

   Zap 26bit Asm
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   AppSquash 26bit 32bit? BASIC Asm updated 2002-11-26
Download v1.30 (here) (signature)

A utility program which will compress and decompress programs (C/assembler and BASIC) and modules using squeeze and unsqueeze (which you'll already have). It can also patch programs such that if there's not enough memory in which to decompress, they complain with "Not enough memory" instead of crashing with a data abort message.

This version can cope with programs conforming to APCS-32 and modules with the new flags word; it will also use modsqz, unmodsqz and (optionally) xpand, if these are present.

   AS 26bit C updated 1999-7-30
Download v1.30 (local) (signature)

A freeware assembler. If you're interested in this, you'll probably already have an older version of AS or will want it for Zap...

Other builds are available as part of gcc.

   ASmhg 26bit C updated 2000-10-11
Download v0.02 (local) (signature)

A freeware module header generator for use with AS.

   ChrEd 26bit 32bit BASIC updated 2005-6-14
Download v2.11 (local) (signature)

System font editor. Will load and save full or partial 8-bit character sets.

   FormEd 26bit 32bit? BASIC updated 2002-12-4
Download v3.59 (local) (signature)

My hack of the Risc Squad's hack of an old version of FormEd. It is, as far as I know, the only templates editor to do repeated string packing.

   MailAFile 26bit 32bit? BASIC updated 2002-12-4
Download v0.20 (here) (signature)

UUencodes and sends a file without storing the mail in your outgoing folder. Options exist to split the file over several messages and to optionally clearsign and/or encrypt it with either PGP or GnuPG.

Requires one of MsgServe (Messenger Pro), Newsbase 0.60 or later, or RemoteNB.

   POPstar 26bit 32bit C updated 2005-6-20
Download v2.06-ds.5 (here) (signature) (source)

POPstar is a mail transport which uses the POP3 protocol to fetch mail and SMTP to send it. Its design is simple and (hopefully) robust, and it outperforms the only previously available freeware RISC OS POP client, !POP by a considerable margin. (Full blurb.)

This version is derived from version 2.05, and requires a 32-bit Shared C library.

For a possibly more up-to-date version, see its project page at Sourceforge.

   Ticker 26bit 32bit C updated 2007-4-25
Download v0.86 (here) (signature) (source)

News ticker program which scrolls the ticker text in a window. RSS/RDF tickers are supported, as well as the BBC News ticker.