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Software - Graphics

This site is a copy of my old website, www.youmustbejoking.demon.co.uk, retained for historical raisins.

   BMPSprite 26bit 32bit BASIC Asm
Download v1.03 (here)

Converts between BMP and sprite. It won't touch the non-standard 16bpp BMP or 16- and 24-bit colour sprites.

   DrawMerge 26bit 32bit BASIC
Download v1.03 (here)

Merges grouped path objects in Draw files.

   DrawShape 26bit 32bit BASIC
Download v1.06 (here)

Moulds a Draw path object to the shape described by two other path objects. A little tricky to use, but the results are worthwhile.

   MergeSprs 26bit BASIC C updated 2000-2-2
Download v0.03 (here) (signature)

Overlays one sprite on another with variable transparency. (Example included.)

   pngcheck 26bit C updated 2001-1-6
Download v1.99.3 (here) (signature)

A command-line PNG validation utility, written by Greg Roelofs.

   pngcrush 26bit 32bit C updated 2005-2-22
Download v1.5.10 (here) (signature) (26-bit) (signature) v1.5.4 (SourceForge)

A command-line PNG repacking and optimisation utility, written by Glenn Randers-Pehrson. Its source code is here.

   sng 26bit C updated 2001-12-14
Download v0.9.4 (here) (signature)

A command-line PNG <=> text representation conversion utility, written by Eric S Raymond. Its source code is here.

   Spr2Png 26bit 32bit BASIC C updated 2006-5-5
Download v0.26 (0.25/0.08/0.11) (here) (signature) (source)

Converts sprites to PNGs, and Draw and Artworks files to sprites or PNGs, with optional default background colours; also converts PNGs to sprites. (Most sprite types are supported: specifically, spr2png understands CMYK sprites and the Select alpha channel format, but 24bpp packed RGB and JPEG are not supported.)

All of the PNGs on this site were created using this program; some were optimised using pngcrush.

   SpriteFS 26bit 32bit? BASIC
Download v1.09 (mirror.ac.uk)

Displays the system and WIMP sprite areas, and allows various operations on both. Not guaranteed to work...