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This site is a copy of my old website, www.youmustbejoking.demon.co.uk, retained for historical raisins.

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[patch]     RISC OS 4 patch v5 patch 26bit updated 2003-1-3
Download 3.10 (here)   (signature)

This patcher is for RISC OS 4.00 (19990630-002), 4.02 (19990818-001), 4.03 RiscStation (20000202-002) and Mico (20000330-001), and 4.03 and 4.04 Kinetic (20000507-001 and 20010308-001). It may or may not work with 4.10, 4.11 and 4.20; if it does...

The patches are listed below; those which are struck through are disabled.
ModuleVsn Patches
DDEUtils1.59 Fixes problems when there's no throwback server
DisplayManager0.35 Removal of the fade when you change mode
WindowManager4.15, 4.16 Adjust-click on the Back tool brings the window to the front
Pinboard0.75 Shift-Select on the Close tool iconises the window at the pointer;
fixes iconisation when the text is more than 188 OS units wide
Desktop2.55 Fixes the RMA block release bug
Resolver0.55 Don't open the debug log file at all
MessageTrans0.33 Fixes the buffer overflow bug (tokenised strings)
Filer1.97 Fixes a menu opening problem with Unix special files (eg. NFS exported);
use "" as the default for new directories
DeviceFS0.37 Fixes an UpCall bug (triggered when DeviceFS sees an event on a buffer which it doesn't own).
Contributed by David O'Shea
CDFS2.37 Don't uppercase everything (retain case);
add Rock Ridge support;
fix for long extensions, eg. .tar.gz [DS]
Contributed by David Bryan
Messages (UK)0.85 Make ptr_write symmetrical
DrawFile1.48 Use background blending
Contributed by Chris Manning
FontManager3.40 Fix *FontCat so that it will display long font names
Contributed by Justin Fletcher
SpriteExtend1.05 Fix problem with JPEGs with 8×16 quantisation tables
Contributed by Daniel Ellis
TaskWindow0.57 Fast output (don't poll just because the output buffer is full)
Contributed by Theo Markettos
ParallelDeviceDriver0.47 Suppress 'out of paper' etc. (assumes that status output is unavailable)

[patch]     Cannon Fodder patch 26bit new 2000-7-10
Download here   (signature)

Risc PC fixes Patch to allow two writes to zero page.

(Unfortunately, the game still locks up randomly. Ideas?)

[patch]     Gods patch 26bit new 2000-7-11
Download here   (signature)

General fixes Prevents erroneous writes to zero page.
StrongARM STM {PC}/NOP/B fix (as found on AUCD10.)

[patch]     Heimdall patch 26bit new 1999-7-8
Download here   (signature)

General fixes Frame rate independence.
Risc PC fixes None required.
StrongARM STM {PC}/NOP/B fix; cache flushing.

[patch]     Mad Professor Mariarti patch 26bit new 2000-7-11
Download here   (signature)

General fixes Frame rate independence.
StrongARM STM {PC}/NOP/B fix.

[patch]     Nebulus patch 26bit updated 1999-7-8
Download here   (signature)

Risc PC fixes Frame rate independence; palette (by redrawing in a 256-colour fully paletted mode).
A newer version of MusicModule is required; see the patched !Run file for details.
StrongARM STM {PC}/NOP/B fix; cache flushing.

[patch]     Paradroid 2000 patch 26bit updated 1999-7-20
Download here   (signature)

General fixes Frame rate independence; installable on HD; 6-digit scores.
Risc PC fixes Palette; zero page writes.
StrongARM None required?
TrackerModule 4.09 is required; found in RiscTracker, DigitalCD etc.

[patch]     POPstar patch 26bit 32bit updated 2004-1-29
Download here   (signature)

Bug fix Handle (most) mail of over approx. 10MB.
UIDL Useful if you aren't deleting messages on the server.
APOP Secure authentication. Not secure connection!
SMTP Better handling of temporary server failures.
The archive contains a 32-bit binary.

[patch]     sFTP patch 26bit updated 2000-2-2
Download here   (signature)

This archive contains a patched version of v0.47 of the sFTP command-line FTP client, and not the front end; for that, you will need sFTP 0.46 (which you should install first).

The patch fixes problems with Y2K-broken ftp servers which return, in response to the MDTM command, the year as 19 followed by the actual year less 1900, eg. 2000 => 19100.

[patch]     Tower of Babel patch 26bit new 1999-7-4
Download here   (signature)

General fixes Frame rate independence.
Risc PC fixes Screen address; bank switching.
StrongARM None required?

[patch]     Zool patch 26bit updated 1999-7-4
Download here   (signature)

Note that this patch is not required for v1.5, as found on AUCD10.

General fixes Frame rate independence.
Risc PC fixes Screen address; bank switching; palette.
StrongARM None required?