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This site is a copy of my old website, www.youmustbejoking.demon.co.uk, retained for historical raisins.

   ExtBASICasm 26bit Asm
Download v2.13 (here) (signature)

Extended BASIC assembler - FP mnemonics and various other enhancements, including AOF file creation (added by Paul Clifford).

Works with BASIC V, release versions 1.05 to 1.17 and 1.20.

   Debugger Plus 26bit Asm
Download v2.12 (local) (signature)
v2.03b (distributed with Zap 1.39 and 1.40)

Extended version of the Debugger module - enhanced disassembly and improved *commands. The source is included with the binary.

   GNU utilities 26bit 32bit? C
Download http://zap.tartarus.org/downloads/ds/GNU/src/

Various GNU and GNUish packages. Currently here:
  Package Source
  32-bit 26-bit (unmaintained)
  bascat 1.2.1 sig
<-- based on mdw's bascat
  bc 1.05a sig
  bin2c 0.1 sig
<-- not GNU
  bzip2 1.0.2 sig
<-- not GNU
  diffutils 2.8.1 sig
  ds_utils 0.2.3 sig
<-- not GNU
  ed 0.2 sig
  grep 2.5.1 sig
  indent 2.2.9 sig
2.2.6 sig
  patch 2.5.8 sig
  sed 4.0.7 sig
3.02.80 sig
  sh-utils 1.0/1.16k sig
<-- expr, factor, printf, pwd, seq, tee, uptime
  strings 1.0 sig
<-- doesn't recognise object files
  textutils 2.0.16 sig
  which 0.2.1 sig
<-- not GNU
  libgnu 2003-04-02 sig
<-- some GNU source
  GPL, LGPL, FDL 2.0 sig <-- StrongHelp manual

Source is mostly in the form of patch files; you'll need to visit ftp://sunsite.doc.ic.ac.uk/gnu/ (or a more convenient mirror) or, for some packages, ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/.

Some files contain the BSD 4-clause licence: you are free to ignore clause 3 (the Advertising Clause). For files which I wrote, you are free to assume that the GPL v2 (or later) applies.

   Manic Miner 26bit C Asm
Download v1.6.3 (here) (signature)

RISC OS version of Andy Noble's PC port of a Spectrum classic... (WoS)

   POPstar 26bit 32bit C
Download v2.06-ds.5 (here) (signature)

POPstar is a mail transport which uses the POP3 protocol to fetch mail and SMTP to send it. Its design is simple and (hopefully) robust, and it outperforms the only previously available freeware RISC OS POP client, !POP by a considerable margin. (Full blurb.)

This version is derived from version 2.05, and requires a 32-bit Shared C library.

For a possibly more up-to-date version, see its project page at Sourceforge.

   Spr2Png 26bit 32bit BASIC C
Download v0.26 (0.25/0.08/0.11) backend source (signature)

Converts sprites to PNGs, and Draw and Artworks files to sprites or PNGs, with optional default background colours; also converts PNGs to sprites. (Most sprite types are supported: specifically, spr2png understands CMYK sprites and the Select alpha channel format, but 24bpp packed RGB and JPEG are not supported.)

All of the PNGs on this site were created using this program; some were optimised using pngcrush.

   Ticker 26bit 32bit C
Download v0.86 (here) (signature) (CVS repository)

News ticker program which scrolls the ticker text in a window. RSS/RDF tickers are supported, as well as the BBC News ticker.

   wimptnef 26bit 32bit? C new 2003-12-31
Download v1.00 (source and binary) (signature)

A small utility for the decoding of M$ TNEF attachments, normally named winmail.dat.

   yydecode 26bit 32bit? C new 2002-3-24
Download v0.2.7 (source and binary) (signature)

yydecode is a highly portable decoder for yEnc encoded binaries, which have recently started to appear in the wild on Usenet. The name 'yydecode' is a play on the infamous 'uudecode' program, although that's not the only similarity - yydecode aims to behave like uudecode; in normal circumstances it can be used as a direct drop-in replacement. (Text from yydecode.sourceforge.net.)