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Software - Utilities

This site is a copy of my old website, www.youmustbejoking.demon.co.uk, retained for historical raisins.

   BlockSize 26bit 32bit BASIC
Download v1.12 (mirror.ac.uk)

Gives you a good idea of how much disk space a set of files and directories take up for various allocation unit sizes. Useful for checking to see if they'll fit on a floppy.

If you're after a Filer Count replacement, then I must instead point you towards RealCount.

   CallASWI 26bit Asm
Download v0.00 (mirror.ac.uk) v0.00 (Demon)

Very similar to the official offering, the difference being that this version recognises the SWI names. Do not use with RO3.70 or later.

   Debugger Plus 26bit Asm updated 2002-5-31
Download v2.12 (local) (signature)
v2.03b (distributed with Zap 1.39 and 1.40)

Extended version of the Debugger module - enhanced disassembly and improved *commands. The source is included with the binary.

   DrawBanner 26bit Asm
Download v0.01 (here) (signature)

A small module which draws a different startup banner (using the DrawFile module).

   ExtBASICasm 26bit Asm updated 2002-7-7
Download v2.13 (here) (signature) (source)

Extended BASIC assembler - FP mnemonics and various other enhancements, including AOF file creation (added by Paul Clifford).

Works with BASIC V, release versions 1.05 to 1.17 and 1.20.


Dropped in favour of FormatPlus.

   FontMsgs 26bit 32bit updated 1999-12-18 BASIC
Download v1.05 (local) (signature)

A useful little utility which generates Messages files for !Fonts pseudo-apps. (It only works correctly with the UK territory, but then apparently so does the FontManager...)

   FormatPlus 26bit Asm updated 2002-4-23
Download v1.06 (here) (signature)

Various extra ADFS and DOSFS floppy formats. These are directly accessible from ADFS's *Format command and ADFSFiler's formatting submenu. As of v1.06, FormatPlus can create RISC OS 4 variable-size directories.

   GNU utilities 26bit 32bit? C updated 2003-5-14
Download http://zap.tartarus.org/downloads/ds/GNU/ 32/ src/

Various GNU and GNUish packages. Currently here:
  Package Binaries
  32-bit 26-bit (unmaintained)
  bascat 1.2.1 sig 2003-5-12 1.2.1 sig based on mdw's bascat
  bc 1.05a sig 2003-5-12 1.05a sig
  bin2c 0.1 sig 2003-5-12 0.1 sig not GNU
  bzip2 1.0.2 sig 2003-5-12 1.0.2 sig not GNU
  diffutils 2.8.1 sig 2003-5-12 2.8.1 sig
  ds_utils 0.2.3 sig 2003-5-12 0.2.3 sig not GNU
  ed 0.2 sig 2003-5-12 0.2 sig
  grep 2.5.1 sig 2003-5-12 2.5.1 sig
  indent 2.2.9 sig 2003-5-12 2.2.6 sig
  patch diffutils
  sed 4.0.7 sig 2003-6-22 3.02.80 sig
  sh-utils 1.0/1.16k sig
1.0/1.16k sig expr, factor, printf, pwd, seq, tee, uptime
  strings 1.0 sig 2003-5-12 1.0 sig doesn't recognise object files
  textutils 2.0.16 sig 2003-5-12 2.0.16 sig
  which 0.2.1 sig 2003-5-12 0.2.1 sig not GNU
  GPL, LGPL, FDL 2.0 sig <-- StrongHelp manual

Each package contains a StrongHelp manual; each manual refers to the GPL.

The 32-bit versions are presently somewhat experimental; they may not work and they may contain 26-bit code sequences.

   IbarPopup 26bit Asm
Download (here) (signature)

A little command line utility for altering the icon bar popup characteristics of WindowManager 3.98.

   International Keyboard Handler Generator 26bit BASIC Asm updated 2000-2-2
Download (here) (New Improved Version)

Hacked to allow it to generate modules for the Risc PC keyboard and to fix one or two small problems.

The New Improved Version was modified by James Bursa; its homepage is here.

   LineEditor 26bit Asm updated 2003-3-3
Download v2.76d (here)

An unofficial release (with permission) of Olly Betts' OS_ReadLine replacement module. Version 2.75 (which is, or at least should be, 32bit-compatible) is currently supplied with Zap.

   LoadAll 26bit 32bit BASIC updated 2002-3-31
Download v1.11 (here) (signature)

Causes files of a given type (or of any type) to be loaded from a directory, with the options of scanning subdirectories, broadcast as text, using the run action if no app claims the file, and of trapping Alt-Ctrl double clicks.

   NetResFiler 26bit Asm updated 2002-5-16
Download v1.13 (here) (signature)

This puts an icon on the iconbar, next to the ROM Apps icon. Clicking on it will, in its default configuration, open $.Net.Apps on your boot drive.

   Networking tools 26bit 32bit? C updated 2006-3-6
Download (local) (signature) (26-bit) (signature)

Ports of various utilities.
  Program Version (26-bit) Licence Author Notes
  whois 4.7.8 (4.5.28) GNU Marco d'Itri From Debian unstable
  finger 1.1.0 (1.0.6) GNU Darren Salt Multiple fingers
  traceroute 1.4a12-12 (1.4a12-5) BSD LBL From Debian unstable

   ProgModem 26bit 32bit BASIC
Download (here) (signature)

Requires the serial block drivers and a modem with a Rockwell chipset and flash ROM.

Basically, this little program lets you reprogram the modem from RISC OS. It's hardwired to the internal serial port (InternalPC port 0), but that's not difficult to change...

Credit must go to Kira L. Brown for providing downloadable sample code upon which this is based.

   PS2Mouse 26bit 32bit? Asm new 2004-6-8
Download (here) (signature)

The module contained within this archive adds various bits of wheel functionality to Stuart Tyrrell's PS2Mouse adapter (when in driver mode).

   Screen savers 26bit 32bit BASIC Asm new 2001-5-28
Download (local) (signature)

  Name Version Notes
  MultiSave 0.02

Allows the use of all of the other screensavers, either cyclically or randomly, or any one of them followed by the invocation of DPMS. (Currently, the configuration is done via a text file; this may or may not change in a future release.)

   SetAlias 26bit Asm
Download v1.06 (mirror.ac.uk) v1.06 (Demon)

A collection of useful commands for (un)setting system variables: the run/load/print type and command aliases, and path variables. You also get commands to set a variable if it's unset and a command to ignore errors.

   System tools 26bit Asm new 2001-9-29
Download (local) (signature)

Various system CLI/app utilities.
  Program Purpose
  minslot Load and run an AIF binary with an appropriate slot size.

   unzip 26bit C new 2002-2-21
Download v5.50 (here) (signature) (home page) (source)

CLI-based extraction utility for zip archives. This version contains an important bugfix: previous versions had a directory traversal bug, in which paths containing "^" (or, on other OSes, "..")components could cause overwriting outside the intended directory tree.

   wimptnef 26bit C new 2003-12-31
Download v1.00 (source and binary) (signature)

A small utility for the decoding of M$ TNEF attachments, normally named winmail.dat.

   yydecode 26bit C new 2002-3-24
Download v0.2.7 (source and binary) (signature)

yydecode is a highly portable decoder for yEnc encoded binaries, which have recently started to appear in the wild on Usenet. The name 'yydecode' is a play on the infamous 'uudecode' program, although that's not the only similarity - yydecode aims to behave like uudecode; in normal circumstances it can be used as a direct drop-in replacement. (Text from yydecode.sourceforge.net.)

   zpp 26bit Asm
Download (here) (signature)

Zero page protection. (Not the one on HENSA.)